A Step In The Right Direction

In the last few months of 2016, I had been working at a horse stable in Nocatee, Florida. It was the first horse job I had managed to find near my home. Living in Jacksonville Beach, Florida can make it hard to work with horses or ride them. But after some persistence, I had finally gotten the job. It was going great so far, until the stable started to not make enough money, and I was laid off. So it was off to find another job at different stable.

My resume doesn’t include all that much. I can move horses around, muck out stalls, and feed hay and oats. But I want to get more into it. As I work my way around the business, I hope to one day retrain racehorses or offer some others who need it a second chance. And then there’s the interest of getting a young horse and training from the start. I have my own way I would love to teach to a horse, but I haven’t got the money to be able to care for a horse or to get what I need.

So back to finding a different stable, I turned to asking different people I knew who worked with horses. I first reached out to a trainer I knew from the stable I worked at, Allison. She told me she would contact a couple of stables she knew and get back to me at the end of the week. Not sure how that would go, I reached out to HaddenLoch, the stable I ride at. It is only a five to ten minute drive from where I was working. I talked to my trainer, Adriana and one of the owners, Claire. They both told me they would let me know if they heard of anything that came up.

But I got lucky because one of the people Allison contacted said they were interested in hiring someone. And to make the news even better, it was only a fifteen minute drive from HaddenLoch. That would make things easy for me because both my job and the stable I ride at are close to each other.

The day after Christmas, a Monday, I started my new job. It was much larger stable. The number of horses had gone from 16 to 40 and the work load had increased. I didn’t mind. Two weeks I spent in between both jobs I had quickly grown tired of all the free time I had and was looking forward to being out of the house and with horses almost every day of the week.



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