My Very Own Second Chance

Life is about second chances and we’ve all had them. So my first blog post is going to about my own second chance. Now there is a lot to choose from, but the one I want to talk about it is my transfer from Fletcher Middle School to the Noble School.

The weeks leading up to the transfer were tough for me. Why? Because I was afraid to tell my mom that school was no longer a place I wanted to go. Things were hard for me there. I couldn’t concentrate and I was having with my teachers and some of the students.

And getting to go to school in the morning was just as bad as being there. The days were start off as my hiding behind the Jacuzzi  and Mom continuing to try and convince me to come out and leave. After about ten minutes of this, I finally head to school.

But not long after getting there, I would call me and ask her to come and get me from school. During some classes that couldn’t handle at all, I would head to the guidance office and stay there until the class was over.

Eventually, my mom decided it was best to start looking for a solution. And after while, she found one in the Noble School. A small school run by two teachers, Martina Grondin and Lisa Pardee.

Now the first couple of weeks, I was still having problems and not wanting to be at school. I would sit by the front door or in the bathroom for long periods of time.

But eventually after the school changed location, I started to feel better about going and things were beginning to look up.

Now the moral of this story is that when you are struggling at one place and unsure what to do, you should always look for help. If I had, my mom would have started to look for a situation earlier.




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